Bianca, seamstress at LOWELL

Bianca works at the workshop located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. She loves local creations and practices improvisation in her spare time.

Graffiti of the artist SBuONe

Tell us about your hometown and what makes you proud of it.

It is sure that my hometown is filled with memories of my childhood  and teenage years so yes, there is, for me, a certain attachment. I lived all my youth at Saint-Hubert. Some places have marked me much like the "Megaproject". It is a very large park with an artificial lake in the center, which was meant to be a rainwater management project that took years to complete. At the time, it was super modern and wonderful for the child I was.


What are your aspirations?

I really like working at Lowell for now. I found a great work atmosphere and great colleagues. I would say that I still have the entrepreneurial fiber that crawls in me then who knows one day, maybe, I would have my own brand!


Name a thing that few people know about you!

I don't know where it comes from but I have a small belly buttons phobia! I hate touching my belly buttons or someone touches his. I always felt it was a direct entry into the belly. Weird, I know!


Your favorite place for a drink?

I am a fan of the Quincaillerie on Rachel because of its large and friendly tables, its huge space with a high ceiling and its wide variety of cocktails. I also love the Yisst which is near my home for their beer microbrewery and their false homemade chips!


Your favorite place to enjoy a good meal?

Le Vieux Vélo for weekend brunches with friends with the best benedictine eggs in town, according to me!

Le Vieux Vélo by @iworkforthelemons

Do you have an unusual hobby or passion to share?

I've been doing improvisation for 13 years. I started in high school and since then it is my little escape that makes me drop out of everyday life. Improvisation is a way of creating small moments on the fly. What I like about this discipline is that it is at the same time a cultural, creative and social activity which makes it possible to establish an immense network!


Your favorite Instagram account?

I would say that lately I love Atelier Bingo and Aelfie for their bursting and very colorful motifs, Minimalzine for the simplicity of their images, and finally Wendymac for his pencil.


Your favorite Quebec artist?

On the music side, at the moment I listen a lot to Philippe Brach. I love his musical style and the universe he creates with his words. I also recently discovered Samuel Cantin, a Quebec cartoonist who makes me laugh a lot. Its comedies are staggered and playful. I especially liked Phobies des moments seuls.


What is your favorite bag at LOWELL and why?

The Van Horne in black is really my favorite since the last two seasons. Since its first version, it has evolved a lot and I think we have a perfect result this season. It has a classic style and a vintage schoolboy side that I like well that reminds me of the bags we had as a kid.

The Van Horne in black outlaw leather (available here!)