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by Boutique LOWELL March 20, 2017

After completing her Bachelor's degree in Fashion Marketing and Design, Farah chose to continue her studies in Art History. She is fascinated by how art, fashion and cultural consumption evolve with social habits.



Name a thing that few people know about you!

I am very nocturnal, I hate mornings! Which means that I generally sleep and work very late at night! Also, maybe people don't know that my first name means "joy" in Arabic.


What is your nickname?

One of my friends calls me "Frou". At first I hated it, but now I find it cute and I would be kind of sad if she stopped!


What makes Montreal so special for you?

Montreal really has a special place in my heart. I was lucky to travel to a few places, but I never felt as good as here. It is often said, but there is a great diversity in Montreal, which gives a wealth to our city. We feel so many different influences, cultures, languages and values. In addition, I find that several neighborhoods are very different and each have a unique charm. I am lucky to live in Outremont, near the Mile-End, two of my favorite neighborhoods in Montreal (also the neighborhood of the LOWELL shop hihi). Just walking near my home makes me smile!



Your favorite place to sip a drink or a good coffee?

One of the things I prefer to do is discover new places to eat or have a coffee in Montreal. I like the Café Ferlucci because it's very cute, the coffee is delicious, the music is always good, and it stays open very late which is great to study. For a drink, my favorite places are the Waverly and the Bily Kun. In summer, the terrace of Plan B is really charming, it is intimate and filled with plants. 

Ferlucci as seen by @jenniferelizabeth


Describe your perfect summer day!

I would sleep late and go for a late brunch at the Arts Café or the Maison Publique. Then I would take a long walk in the sun at the Mont Royal, where I would read and tan. We would spend the evening with friends having picnic and play board games, and finally we would end the evening drinking on a terrace or on a friend's balcony. And above all, we would go to bed late because the summer nights never end!


The best theater in the city?

For an intimate show, I really like the Fairmount Theater. Two years ago I went to see an OSM concert for my birthday and I really liked the Maison symphonique of Montréal. This room is really special and a little magical, especially for me who played violin when I was young, I felt very nostalgic. 

Your favorite Instagram account? 

I must confess that I am a little obsessed with Instagram. One of my favorite accounts is @thestargazerss which offers a selection of vintage and aesthetic photographs of full of celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Brad Pitt, etc. I also find the account @frenchwords super cute, it gives me good ideas of words when I write and reminds me how the French language is romantic. For fashion inspiration, I like to explore the accounts of Soraya Bakhtiar and Alexa Chung. And, for the decoration, the @prettylittlefawn account really gives some great ideas.


What is your favorite item at LOWELL?

I chose the Fairmount in Newport color Cactus because I think it is the most practical backpack in the SS17 collection. Before working at LOWELL, I did not carry a lot of backpacks because I found them too big for me, but what I like about LOWELL bags is that there is always a way to wear them in a feminine and delicate way, and to adapt them to his own style. Plus, it's the Pantone color of the year! 💚

The Fairmount in cactus newport leather (buy it here)

Boutique LOWELL
Boutique LOWELL