Recycling fur at LOWELL


Why recycle fur?
All the furs used in our collections are 100% recycled. We recover fur coats that no longer serve and we pass them to the scalpel in order to give them a second life in the form of multiple accessories. Furs are a noble material and, if properly maintained, some of them do not degrade. We therefore choose with great care the furs we use, examining one by one all of the coats we buy. Since the fur we recycle differs in appearance from one coat to another, each piece is somewhat unique and that is what makes the richness of our collections. We firmly believe that it is to show the animals the greatest respect to prevent their rubbish from being thrown away in the closets of our ancestors. Besides, it would be ridiculous to deprive ourselves of this material which keeps warm and breathes like no other synthetic material, whatever it may be.





 Production steps:

First of all, you have to find the skins (especially coats and pelisses). In Quebec there are many, you just have to know how to get them. Then you have to choose them according to the quality but also according to the production needs that we have. Our needs vary from one collection to another!

Then the selected parts must be cleaned. Because yes, even if they are of high quality, they can sometimes smell like an old basement ...

The deconstruction follows. It is necessary to carefully undo each coat while trying to keep the largest pieces possible. The linings, pockets and all the tralala must be removed, but very carefully because they can very often be recovered.

Finally, depending on the needs of the production, the freshly recycled fur is attributed to a bag or accessorie that will be part of our LOWELL line.