Marie-Claude, seamstress at LOWELL

Marie-Claude works in production at Lowell, in the workshop located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Her tasks are mainly related to the cutting and preparation of leather.



Tell us about a typical day at the workshop?

In general, I like working one bag model at a time. Depending on the time it may take to complete a model, I can do one or two models a day. I begin by cutting the pieces that make up the bag (either by hand or by making fabric mattresses), then I cut the various bands and accessories that embellish the bag. After, with the help of the scraper, I thin the parts to facilitate the making. It follows the preparation of the various parts of the bag, so that everything is ready to be assembled without interruption. I work with the other girls at the making, so that the bags are assembled methodically and efficiently. I am also in charge of doing quality control, which I often do between cutting two models.


Name a thing that few people know about you!

I love rap. I am especially a fan of Kendrick Lamar. Some will say that this style of music does not fit my personality, but what attracts me in Kendrick's music is its authenticity.


What is your nickname?

MC (said in English), of course. ;)

What makes Montreal so special for you?

The diversity. Each neighborhood has its own universe. There is something for every style and taste.


Describe your perfect summer day!

A perfect summer day means spontaneity and simplicity. All the pretexts are good to be outside at the end of the day with a fire and good company!


Do you have an unusual hobby or passion to share?

I have a penchant for the occult "sciences" (horoscopes, clairvoyants and company). I find it very entertaining and fun.


What is your favorite item at LOWELL?

The Waverly backpack, for its perfect size. It adapts well to my daily life, and I love its look. I prefer leather tan, which reminds me the color of coffee.

The Waverly in tan nappa leather (buy it here)