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March 09, 2017

Vanessa has been working at LOWELL for three years now. She is our Marketing Coordinator;  she who deals with our social networks, the online shop and public relations. She is passionate about travel, Montreal and her cat Fiston.



Name a thing that few people know about you!

I really suck at sports, but surely many people already know haha. I find it really stressful, I do not like balls and I'm not competitive at all!

What makes Montreal so special for you?

I love the uniqueness of each of the neighborhoods that make up Montreal. I find that cultural diversity is a wealth that we enjoy every day living here and I find myself very lucky!


Your favorite place to sip a drink or a good coffee?

I always change my favorite place, but I would say that these days I like to work at the Pista Cafe because it's too beautiful. For a cocktail, I like the Palco in Verdun and the Henrietta on Laurier.

Pista as seen by @kara_bino

Your favorite place to enjoy a good meal?

I am a fan of the Grumman 78 for its atmosphere and its good dishes. I also like the Santa Barbara for their good cocktails. It's seems like I really have a penchant for tacos.

Your favorite winter activity?

I really do not like winter. So I take advantage of it to do activities inside. I discovered that I loved a sport recently (badminton) so I try to practice it from time to time. Otherwise, I love a good game night with friends.


Describe your perfect summer day!

It starts with a good breakfast at the Vieux Vélo, followed by a stop at the Jean-Talon market. I go home by bike and spend the afternoon at Laurier Park after a little jump at the pool. I finally join friends on the Lachine Canal and end the evening at the Palco. I look forward to summer!


Your favorite Instagram account?

I love Instagram and I find a lot of inspiration there. @kara_bino is my favorite instagrammer, I really envy her account. Also, she signs our photos for the summer 2017 campaign!

@kara_bino sur Instagram

@kara_bino on Instagram


What celebrity is a role model for you and why?

Emma Watson because she's a bit the face of feminism in celebrities! I find her speeches very inspiring.

Do you have an unusual hobby or passion to share? If so, explain to us what it is!

I have a passion for cats (@chatnessa), I would adopt each one of them!



What will be your next getaway?

My next vacation will be in Indonesia. I've been dreaming of it for years!


What is your favorite item at LOWELL?

My favorite for Spring / Summer 2017 is undoubtedly the Hutchison. I have it in black and I love it even more every day. It is practical, comfortable and its look is quite unusual. It has won me many compliments.


The Hutchison in black nappa leather (buy it here)