NUDE LEATHER (veggie tanned): The cleaning of the veggie tanned leather is done with a dry or slightly wet towel and a little soft soap (Marseilles soap). It is suggested to protect the leather with a water-repellent and anti-stain product beforehand and to repeat this treatment each season. Avoid contact with stains, excessive friction or bad weather.

WOOL: The cleaning of the wool should be entrusted to a specialist who will use a dry method. If a small stain is present, use a soft, damp sponge. If it is a stain of grease, clean it with a talcum powder by brushing it gently. Finally, an anti-stain and waterproofing, suitable for wool, can also de applied before to protect it well.

NEWPORT LEATHER (suede): Maintenance of the Newport leather is done first with a soft brush in order to remove the dust and dirt. A cleansing spray is then suggested to revive the leather, while a renovating leather spray allows to rehydrate it. If stains are present on the leather, remove them with a stain remover, which is slightly abrasive. Avoid contact with water and heat sources. Warning! "Suede" leathers types tend to stain. Avoid wearing them with pale materials.

NAPPA & OUTLAW LEATHER: These leathers are already protected, so their maintenance is less regular. After 6 months, clean with a slightly damp towel and a softsoap (Marseilles soap). Apply LOWELL protective cream with a soft cloth using circular motions.

RECYCLED FUR: If the fur is wet, just let it dry in the open air away from a heat source. Gently comb the fur with a small metal comb to give it back its volume. Avoid wearing fur as it begins to get warmer. Keep the fur accessory dry and cool.


Our leathers are water resistant (not waterproof).