We almost exclusively use canadian and american cows leather. Most of the skins we use are full grain leathers, that have been retanned using vegetable extracts, which gives a real and natural feel to every LOWELL accessory. By nature, full grain leather is never perfectly homogeneous. But what some see as imperfections, we see as remarkable details celebrating the natural richness of the material that makes LOWELL accessories so unique. The marks of time and patina of age are also what adds to the richness and shape the personality of our accessories.

All our leather are water-resistant. It was really important for us to propose bags adapted to canadian climate. This notion may seem simple but the difficulty referred to the general tendancy of vegetable tannins to absord water. Then, with our tannery’s help, we succeeded creating leathers which retain all their natural properties, even with vegetable retanning, and be water-resistant.

Retanning is made using vegetable extracts from the back of chestnut or quebracho trees, which are grown specifically for this purpose in South Africa and Argentina. The finishing products are made with natural dyestuffs, carnauba wax, and natural oils.

OUTLAW LEATHER - Semi Veg Retan, Full Grain, Semi Aniline leather with a clear finished backing.

NAPPA LEATHER Waterresistant Naked Full Grain Leather with a tight grain and soft hand.

NEWPORT SUEDE Nourrish Split Suede with a Silky Drag - Water repellant.

It is recommended to clean and protect your LOWELL piece with the appropriate products. For more informations clic here.





All our NUDE series is made of vegetable-tanned cow leather. A leather created by the tanning of animal rawhide using tannin and other ingredients found in vegetal matter such as tree bark and other similar sources (extracts of oak, châtaignier, locust tree or mimosa). This technique takes more time than chrome tanning but is environment friendlier and less dangerous for the health. No chemical product is used during the process and 80% of the vegetal matter stays in the leather, letting a little percentage of residual matter.

Vegetable-tanned leather is very resistant and of great quality, but its natural color will evolve a lot over time. It will darken to a warm shade of amber with prolonged contact to natural light and daily use. The veg tanned leather is more subject to marking, but will age in style and become a privileged witness of the passage of time. This evolution is part of the experience of the leather’s life and this is what makes it so rich and unique.

The veg-tanned leather needs to be cleaned with a humid cloth and a little bit of soft soap (Marseilles soap). We suggest you to protect your leather with a waterproof and anti-stain product beforehand and to repeat this treatment every season.

For more information about care clic here.



All of the canevas we use in our collections are 100% duck cotton. We buy our duck canvas from a family-owned business established in the United States since the beginning of the 1900. The name duck comes from the Dutch doek, in reference to the weaving itself. It is an extra-strong and durable material which ages beautifully. Thanks solely to its tight weaving, duck is water repellant. It is easy to maintain and to clean. All our liners are also 100% natural cotton canvas from the same mill in the USA.




We use only 100% recycled fur in our collections. We use reclaimed fur coats in order to reincarnate them as a variety of accessories. Fur is a noble material that, if well-maintained, practically doesn’t deteriorate. We take painstaking care in the selection of the fur that we use, examining each piece before purchase.

From one coat to the next, the recycled fur that we use differs in appearance and presentation that is why two LOWELL designs from the same fur will not necessarily look exactly the same.

We firmly believe that by saving from the garbage this precious resource, we are paying animal the ultimate tribute. Furthermore, it would be ridiculous to deny ourselves of this existing and wonderful biodegradable material that provides warmth and breathes like no other synthetic fabric available today.

If you want to sell your fur coats :

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To learn more about recycled fur, read our blog post here.


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