LOWELL is very proud to use leathers entirely made in the USA. We worked with a great American tannery to develop the best leathers we could, with the less socially and environmentally negative impacts as possible. All the hides we use are from small farms all over the United States and Canada.

We use exclusively cow leather. All of our leathers have been treated to resist water. By nature, full grain leather is never perfectly homogeneous. But what some see as imperfections, we see as remarkable details celebrating the natural richness of the material. The marks of time and patina of age are also what adds to this richness and shape the personality of our accessories.

It is recommended to clean and protect your LOWELL accessory with the appropriate products. For more infos please visit: lowellmtl.ca/pages/entretien-care



All our NUDE series is made of VEGGIE TANNED cow leather. A leather created by the tanning of animal rawhide using tannin and other ingredients found in vegetable matter. This technique is more environment friendly than the usual chrome tanning.

Vegetale tanned leather is very resistant and of great quality, but will evolve a lot in time. It will become become a lot darker with prolonged contact with natural light and human touch.

For more infos please visit: lowellmtl.ca/pages/entretien-care